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    Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

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Scholarship websites recommended by ICAN

Here are a list of scholarship databases who will search for scholarships according to your interests and areas of need. Please be careful when accessing such websites. Do not pay anyone to search for scholarships, these websites are free. It is recommended you set up a separate email address to send all of the search results to; your email box will fill up fast from these websites.

College Board

College Board's Scholarship Search will take answers you give in a brief questionnaire and use them to find scholarship opportunities. College Board has a database of more than 2,300 sources of college funding, totaling nearly $3 billion in available aid.http://apps.collegeboard.com/cbsearch_ss/welcome.jsp


At FastWeb, you'll answer a detailed questionnaire. The site uses the information to find scholarships, colleges, internships, jobs and more. FastWeb's database contains more than 1.3 million scholarships worth more than $3 billion.http://www.fastweb.com/


IHaveaPlanIowa lets you search for scholarships, careers and colleges. The Scholarship Finder has several questions that will connect you to a personalized list of scholarships and financial aid. You can save your list in an online account. https://secure.ihaveaplaniowa.gov/default.aspx

Kaarme Scholarship Search

Find information on over 100,000 scholarships with no login required. Kaarme never sells or leases student's data. http://kaarme.com/find_scholarships


Create an account at www.scholarships.com to search for scholarships available nationwide. You may also sign up to receive notifications on new opportunities. http://www.scholarships.com/


This website lists a variety of national scholarships sponsored by foundations and companies within the United States. You will need to register, but it is free. www.studentscholarships.org

School Soup

SchoolSoup.com is the most comprehensive free online scholarship resource for private and college/university specific scholarships available to assist students in obtaining a higher education. http://www.schoolsoup.com/scholarship-directory/

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