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  • Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

    Teaching our Youth of Today to be Leaders of Tomorrow

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HLV Junior I Have a Plan Day

​We have a full morning scheduled today.  The first thing we will do is meet with Doug Bannon from Kirkwood this morning.  It is time to start shopping for your colleges so you have your choices narrowed down by September.  You will need to apply by October and have your financial aid filed between October 1st and December 1st of fall.  It is also wise to know where you want to go for college by next fall because several college scholarships open in the fall and are awarded before Spring semester, this gives you a chance to apply.

At 9:00 AM Lori McClenathan will be coming in to teach you the best practices on filling out applications and preparing your resume.  HLV will be hosting a mock interview day on April 6th to begin practicing for those future professional positions, scholarship and collegiate interviews.  

The first thing Lori will have you practice is filling out an online application.  Please do your very best because your interviewers will see the results of this application.  Be sure you spell things accurately and use proper punctuation and capitalization within this document.

Click here to fill out your online application

The next project you will need to complete is creating a professional looking resume.  This will prove very useful next year for not only applying for jobs and positions but also for filling out scholarship and college applications.  If your resume is well formatted you can often copy and paste all of your activities and clubs you are involved in to scholarship applications.  It is also useful when you are needing a letter of recommendation, it is appropriate etiquette for you to ask for a recommendation and hand the person your resume to help them remember all the leadership qualities you possess and give them a due date because often times these teachers, community members, and employers are very busy themselves.  I also recommend typing out your silver cord activities, please do not enter Silver Cord because many people do not know what that is, list every volunteer item out and how many hours you put in to each activity or years you have helped.  This makes you look more impressive on paper.

Please print and hand in your resume before you leave here today to Mrs. Robison.  You have created an activity resume already, please use this one if you can find it in your Google Drive.  If not, click here to begin a new Activities resume.  Be sure to make a copy before typing on it.  Please print off your resume.

Mt. Mercy representative is scheduled to be here at 10:30 this morning to talk to you as well.

Once you complete your application and resume, the next thing you need to work on is I Have a Plan.  

Click here to log in to your account

Once you are logged in, please click on My Portfolio in the top right hand corner.  In the 4th orange box on the right side down, click All Guideways.  Please start your 11th grade guideway in career assessment.  Please complete your guideway.  Once you complete your guideway, click into college planning and begin looking at the several different colleges and your options available. 

While everyone is actively working on the guideway, I will begin working with each individual to begin planning your classes your senior year.  

Thank you for working hard today, being polite and on task as always.  Please use this time constructively and really begin planning your future.  If you start now, it will make the stress of senior year a little easier to manage.

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